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How can I increase my blog visitors and how to get traffic to my blog? To increase your blog traffic…Let’s get into more details…The biggest nightmare of many bloggers is not to attract visitors to the blog. “I write quality content but nobody reads or visits my blog. What am I doing wrong?” I’m sure many people are asking this question to themselves. This situation especially reduces the motivation of bloggers. If you are asking yourself these questions, there are two possibilities; either you have the wrong way or you are missing something to do but do not panic, do not give up writing. Now I will tell you the best ways to increase your traffic and visitor.

Getting More Traffic and Visitors To Your Website or Blog

First of all, the subject that I will talk about in my article is not unknown. The ways in which many successful bloggers apply to their blog to increase the number of visitors and readers on website or blog. I hope you will be successful, you’ll get more visitors and comments on your posts.

If you want to become a successful blogger, first learn to be patient!

Having a blog is really a job that requires patience. Unfortunately, “I wrote an article and I want to get thousands of people to read my articles” This is not going to happen in a short time. The first condition for having a successful blog is to be patient. If you say, “I can not wait, I want to get thousands of visitors immediately”, go to the admin panel and delete your blog! Being patient is the greatest recommendation to blog authors, including myself. Most of the bloggers complain and ask themselves: “I have opened a new blog but why I’m not getting enough traffic, visitors to my website blog? What are the common mistakes that I need to avoid to boost my traffic and to get visitors?”. In fact, the biggest mistake is to wait for a lot of visitors and traffic on the first day and even in the first month. In order to reach many readers and attract visitors, your articles need to be indexed by search engines such as Google and your texts should appear in the search results. It takes time, be patient.

Design your blog as simple, unobtrusive, easy to use and make it look pretty!

One of the mistakes that many blog owners make is to make blog website design complex. The design is bad, the pictures are not aligned, different fonts have been used… Of course, no one visits even if they visit, they will leave your website immediately. Ask yourself the question: Are you following complex-looking sites? The appearance and simplicity of the site to get visitors and traffic to your blog are very important. Otherwise, you can lose many visitors.

Create quality, original and remarkable content!

You’ve heard about the importance of quality and original content everywhere. Well then, what do these terms mean? Let’s briefly explain.

What is quality content?

Quality content: Articles that preserve the integrity of the post. If you have written an article about “What is personal blog?”, you should not mention technological developments or news content in that article. You should mention the definition of a personal blog, its features, how to open personal blog and the importance of a personal blog etc.

-The title of the article should summarize the topic and you should take care of using subtitles.
-You must produce content that matches punctuation and typographical conventions.
-You should make the article more readable by using pictures, photos, videos etc.
-Pay attention to the length of your content. It must be neither too short nor too long. If you can explain what you want to say in 300 words, do not extend it to 500 words and also do not try to explain 300 words topic in 500 words.

What is the original content?

Original content: Articles that do not belong to others and are not taken with copy paste technique from other sites. I explained this to you in detail “Become a copy paste Blogger by copying and pasting other’s content.”

How to Write an Attractive Content? The secret of increasing traffic and getting visitors!

-If you can write on topics that others do not talk about or have little knowledge about, you can get lots of visitors and traffic to your blog. Of course, it is not easy but not impossible!
You will be valued in the eyes of both readers and search engines by writing quality and original content. After visitors have seen that your articles are worth reading, they will be constantly following you and you’ll be getting lots of traffic, readers and visitors.The most traffic to your blog and site comes from search engines. If you create content that search engines like, you will always have a visitor. I will prepare more detailed articles on this in the future.

Keep your blog constantly up to date!

Keeping the blog up to date is one of the golden rules of having a blog. You have to regularly share your new articles to increase your blog traffic and gain new visitors. If you postpone writing and don’t update your blog for days or even weeks, your visitors will go away. You also can not get traffic from search engines. The more articles you post the more visitors and traffic you will have. Be sure to write every day in the early days of your blog if possible, if it’s not; publish an article once every 2 or 3 days to get visitors and lots of traffic.

Be a Guest Writer and Get Visitors and Traffic to your blog!

One of the ways to get traffic to your blog is to Be a Guest Writer. By publishing your articles to other blogs in accordance with the rules of that site, you will have the opportunity to promote your blog and you will be attracted to the visitors of that site. This is one of the most effective methods to get traffic and gain visitors. The important point here is to send guest articles to related sites. For example, choose personal blogs for your personal blog, don’t choose a technology blog for your personal blog. I also accept guest authors on Obbule. You can read the article to get information about being a guest writer on Obbule.

Increase the number of your blog traffic and visitors by commenting on blogs!

Commenting on other blogs that seem to be not very important but it is one of the most important ways to get visitors and traffic! It is possible for visitors to come with quality comments. It’s kinda swearing to author If you just comment “nice article, congratulations, very nice”. If you have read that article, let the author know by commenting on your thoughts, experiences or criticisms. Pay attention to the quality of your comments and do not write your site link in the comment section.

Use social media to promote your blog and to get traffic with visitor together!

Being active on social media is one of the biggest ways to attract visitors to your site and increase your daily traffic. It’s free. Social media is very useful for blog owners. Create many social media accounts for your blog and share your content via these accounts. Your visitors and traffic will increase with time.

Interact with other blog authors and link them to your posts!

Writing a blog does not mean anything by itself. You have to interact with other bloggers so that you say “I am a blogger”. Or it’s really hard on its own. Whenever possible, give your blogs links to other blogs that you find useful. Do not be afraid anything will give you a link. If you link to quality sites, Google likes you too.The more you support other bloggers, the more they will help you. You will win new friends as well.

Buy post promotion and banners from quality blogs!

All the ways to win visitors mentioned above are all free of charge. If you have a specific budget for your site (you will need it in the long run), you can also attract visitors to your blog by getting a banner and promotional material from quality and current sites. What should be noted in this regard is; quality and up-to-date. Also, if you receive ads from sites that receive a lot of visits, you naturally attract more visitors. You can look here for Obbule. As a result: you can’t say “I do not get traffic or nobody reads my posts” anymore because you have knowledge about driving traffic to your blog, don’t you? I’ve tried to inform you as much as possible about getting visitors, readers and traffic. You will see the benefit of these steps if you have patience. Tell me your thought in the comment section.


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