Ford introduces the drift stick with Focus RS!

Ford invites Focus RS owners to drift with “drift stick”! Now you can have a Ken Block style rally handbrake on your Ford Focus RS. Ford first introduced the 345hp Focus RS with the drift mode. Drift mode has become a focus of everyone because of that there are so many videos about drift mode on Youtube. Now Ford is on the drift stick. Drift stick, designed and developed for Ford Focus RS, it is rally-inspired first handbrake. In addition, rally and acrobatics star Ken Block confirmed drift stick. Ken Block tested the drift stick on Ford Focus RS and you can watch the video which Ford Performance shared on YouTube.

Drift stick allows the driver to drift by locking the rear wheels after pulling out the inserted aluminum bar. In fact, the main purpose of the drift stick is to give the driver the feeling of a rally pilot. Remember, if you have a Ford Focus RS, you can buy the product for $999 from Ford Performance dealers.

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