Black Rhino Extinction and Black Rhino Horn

About Black Rhino and Black Rhino Horn

Black Rhinoceros are endangered because of illegal hunting! Some species of animal are endangered because of ecosystem depletion due to illegal hunting. One of them is a rhino known as “Black Rhinoceros“. They are called as Black Rhino but they are usually brown and gray. In addition, a known mistake is the difference between Black Rhino and White Rhino. In general, people think black and white rhinos are different in color but the difference is their horn length and their lips. For that reason, Black rhinos are also known as hook-lipped rhinos (Diceros bicornis).

Difference between White Rhino and Black Rhino

The Secret of the Black Rhino horn

The demand for rhino horns, which is believed to increase sexual power, is increasing day by day. The dust of rhino horns finds buyers from exorbitant prices in the Far East. Another difference of black rhinos from white rhinos is the long horn. The horns are made of keratin which can reach a length of about 130 cm which is a very strong substance. Black Rhinos use their horns to attack, defend, dig root and break down branches to find food. Black Rhinoceros horns have been used in medicine for a long time. Therefore, due to poaching, the black rhino has begun extinction.

One kilo Black Rhino horn is 50 thousand dollars!

It is believed that the rhino horn increases sexual power, especially in the Far East. For that reason, despite all the prohibitions, the powdered rhino horns have a large black market.

Is the Black Rhino Extinct?

The Black Rhino has gorgeous horns which are attracted by the invading and destructive human beings.

Information about Black Rhino

Black rhinos are partially weak in sight. Perception of the environment is mostly realized by the sense of hearing and smell. The greatest enemies of black rhinos, big wild cats who are complete herbivores and people who are hunting them for the horns but black rhinos still travel alone. During the mating period, they travel with other black rhinos. Pregnancy period of the black rhino is one year (One cub for each birth) and this baby rhino stays with its mother about two years.

Why did the black rhino go extinct?

Those who want to be rich on the easy path have destroyed all the rhinos in order to slaughter their horns only although they do not eat the meat. Now there are only 2 male and 3 female rhinos in the world. These are protected by hand-armed teams in zoos.There are two female rhinos in the Czech Republic zoo and the rest are in Sudan and Kenya. Uganda, Chad, Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Congo are also actively involved in the depletion of these animals. They are destroying the forests, smuggling internal conflicts in these countries.

Why is the rhinoceros horn valuable? Where is the rhinoceros horn used?

According to UN data, it is estimated that the amount of ivory and rhino horns obtained from illegal hunting on the market is $ 200 billion.Rhino horn a valuable material for traditional medicines used in East Asia and is also used in making dagger handles in the Middle East.

Artificial insemination experts at the South African Veterinary Institute began to freeze the sperm of the rhinoceros because previously failed attempts at natural fertilization failed and the youngest of the surviving males is 42 years old therefore they predicted that they could live only for 4 years.

Authorities do not yet know if this is possible in theory, but it can not be a practical solution. The decline in sperm quality as age progresses is the biggest concern.

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